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Three Phase Motors are by far the most used electric motors in the world today. Due to the enormous numbers manufactured globaly, they are economically produced, energy efficient and are generally standardised for ease of replacement.

Numerous options / variations to the standard metric frame are available eg. fitment of AC/DC electric brake and clutches, higher temp windings, electric fan forced cooling, improved IP ratings, tacho/encoder fitments, shaft modifications.

WEG Motors

W21 General Purpose Motor

The W21 conforms to all applicable Australian standards and directives and meets or exceeds E2 efficiency levels outlined in AS/NZS 1359.5-2004.

Standard Features
- Three-phase, multi voltage, squirrel cage, IP55, TEFC
- Output ratings from 0.18 to 330kW
- IEC frames 63 to 355M/L
Aluminium up to 132 frame
Cast iron from 160 to 355 frame
- Top mount terminal box (B3T)
- Voltage: 220-240 V / Y 380-415 V 50 Hz (up to 100L)
380-415 V / Y 660-690 V 50 Hz (from 112M frame)
- Continuous duty - S1
- Squirrel cage, aluminium die cast rotor
- Design N
- Insulation Class F up to 355 frames
- Ambient temperature: 40C, at 1000 m.a.s.l. (ratings at higher ambient temperature and/or altitudes on request)
- Thermistor (1/phase) rated 155C from frame 160 and above
- Metric thread cable entries on the terminal box
- Ball bearings for all frames (for direct coupling)
- Sealed bearings up to 132 frame
- Re-greasing system from frame 160 and above
- Drain plug in all frames
- V-ring seal for all frames (oil seal on flange mount)
- Stainless steel nameplate
- Paint color: RAL 5007

- Mounting position B3R(E) or B3L(D)
- Cast iron frame from 63 to 132
- Aluminium fan (63-315 frame)
- Roller bearings frames 225 and above
- PTC thermistors or RTD's
- Anti-condensation heaters
- Insulated endshield for 280-355 frame

Typical Applications
- Pumps
- Central air conditioning
- Fans
- Crushers
- Conveyors
- Compressors
- Machine tools
- Milling applications
- Centrifuge
- Presses
- Elevators
- Grinders
- Woodworking
- Other applications

W22 Line - High Efficiency Motors

The increasing demand for electrical energy to sustain global development requires consistent heavy investments in power generation. In addition to complex medium and long term planning, these investments rely on natural resources, which are becoming depleted due to constant pressures upon the environment. The best sustainable strategy is to prevent wastage and increase energy efficiency. Electric motors play a major role in this strategy, for around 40% of all global energy demand is estimated to be related to electric motor applications. Consequently, any initiatives to increase energy efficiency, by using high efficiency electric motors and frequency inverters, are to be welcomed, as they can make a real contribution to reducing global energy demand and carbon emissions.

At the same time as efficiency initiatives make an impact in traditional market segments, the application of new technologies results in profound changes in the way electric motors are applied and controlled. By integrating these changes together with the demands for increased energy efficiency, WEG has taken up this global challenge and produced a new design of high efficiency motor; one that exceeds the performance of WEG's existing W21 line, which has been recognized worldwide for its quality, reliability and efficiency.

Combining engineering know-how to the latest generation of computerised tools, such as structural analysis (finite element analysis), fluid dynamics and electrical design optimization software, an innovative, next generation product range has been developed: the W22 motor.

Several key objectives have been achieved in the design of the W22 motor:

- Reduction of noise and vibration levels
- Increased energy efficiency and reduced thermal footprint
- Easy maintenance through robust modular design
- Compatibility with present & future generations of frequency inverters
- Low carbon emissions during manufacturing, installation and throughout its long operating life
- High torques keeping up with the toughest load and voltage oscillations.

HGF Motors

HGF are high performance, compact electric motors widely sought after for their high reliability.

The frame, made of high grade one piece cast iron with external fins, provides maximum heat dissipation, superior mechanical strength, increasing the motor operating lifetime. The compact footprint, with one of the best kW/kg ratios in the world, reduces real estate requirements, transport and logistics costs.

HGF motors are designed in accordance with IEC/AS 60034 and IEC/AS 60072 standards, and are available in IEC 315 to 630 frames in low and high voltage (up to 11 kV).

The cooling system consists of an internal and an external fan, assuring maximum performance through a better temperature balance inside the motor, thus eliminating hot spots. Rotors are made of die cast aluminium or copper bars.

They are easily adapted to different applications due to their flexible design and can be customized to meet virtually all customer needs.


ABB have been manufacturing electric motors for over 100 years. In this time, we have built up a reputation for making high quality, reliable and technically advanced products. ABB offer the largest range of high and low voltage motors available in the world today.

3 Year Warranty -
Our Process Performance, high efficiency motors come standard with a 3-year warranty.
High Efficiency -
Did you know that a 250kW motor, operating 24 hours per day, could use more than $100,000.00 in energy costs per year? ABB offers a range of high efficiency motors that can save you thousands of dollars in operating costs each year.
Generous Service Factors -
ABB manufacture motors with high service factors to ensure the motor you buy today is dimensioned for a long service life in the future.
European Manufacturer -
Our Process Performance motors are manufactured in Sweden and Finland from the highest quality castings and raw materials. Furthermore, our stringent quality based process systems ensure high quality consistency every time from production.
Complys with Australian Energy Standards -
ABB Process Performance motors comply with the new Australian minimum energy standards (MEPS - AS/NZS 1359.5:2004)


Pump,compressor and fan drives:
1A Series is ideal for applications that demand an efficient, reliable, quiet motor, with an exceptionally long lifetime.

Braking,hoisting equipment and cranes:
1LA Series is the optimum solution for brake applications where loads must be quickly braked to zero speed for safety reasons. The modular concept enables fitting of brakes and encoders.

Packing machines, materials handling and conveyors:
For packing machines where high control quality and speed accuracy are required. 1LA can easily fulfil these demands when fitted with an encoder.

General Industry:
Crushers, grinders, injectors, extruders, woodworking machines, mixers and agitators: whatever you need to drive, Siemens can supply the right motor solution.


WEG Brake Motors


- Cranes
- Elevators
- Looms
- Hoists
- Machine tools
- Continuous conveyors
- Winding machines
- Standard Features
- Output: 0,12kW up to 18,5kW
- Frame: 63 up to 160L
- Class "F" insulation
- Metric thread cable entries
- Bridge rectifier
- IP 55

ABB General Purpose Brake Motors

ABB's brake motors are standard motors modified for braking duties, i.e. three phase induction motors with standard dimensions and output rating. The electromagnetic disc brake is powered, either DC or three phase AC current, from a rectifier located in the motor terminal box.

Wide Terminal Box - easy installation
Hand release (4 x 90 degrees)
Technical and application support
Service and support

General purpose motors for OEM's. Standard motors with standard dimensions and output ratings, aluminum (aluminium) frame.

Output power
0.055 to 22 kW
Frame size
IEC 63 to 180
Number of poles
2 to 8
Output power
0.055 to 22 kW
Wide voltage range up to 690V
50 or 60 Hz
IP 55

Hazardous Area Motors


WEG Standards
WEG motors are designed and manufactured in conformance with the relevant IEC, AS/NZS and ATEx standards (API and NEMA lines also available). This includes standard dimensions, performance characteristics, vibration limits, run-out and other general tolerances. However, WEG sees compliance with standards simply as a minimum requirement. Although these are well thought out by industry experts, they can be of a general nature. Due to the time lapse between revisions, standards do not always keep pace with rapid technological advances and market demands. Understanding these limitations, we step ahead incorporating the latest technology into our products. Our engineers take into consideration the harshest applications motors can be subjected to, by combining recent developments from WEG's R&D departments with our customers' needs. WEG is thus setting the standard in the marketplace as a global leader, capable of offering motors manufactured according to all major requirements such as API 541 & 547, NEMA, CSA, UL, JET and SABS. Custom-built products are also available from WEG.

Stainless Steel Motors

Stocking 0.12kW TO 7.5kw

- Designed not only with all stainless components but with features that will set new standards.
- All hand wound with inverter duty wire and insulation.
- Vacuum impregnated varnish.
- Larger stator stack and more copper making them both more efficient and produce a lower winding temperature rise.
- Removable drain plugs for mounting in any position.
- Special mountings to suit most applications including SEW gearboxes.
- All components kept in stock for local winding and assembling of two speed, special voltage etc. or manufacture to your requirements.
- MEPS Approved.
- Up to 0.75KW can be purchased without fan or fan cover and is still rated continuois.
- Ideal for fose down applications and VF Drives as it doesn't require extra cooling at low speeds.
- Smooth stainless body with etched name plate. Can be hosed with caustic cleaning solutions.
- Special sealed bearing with operating temperatures of -40 degrees C to +200 degrees C.

Vibrator Motors

BLz Series

- Invicta footprint
- Suitable for VSD
- ATEX zones 21 & 22 (Dust)
- IP66
- -20C to +40C ambient
- BLz 24/25 and above with 160C thermistors
- 3 phase 50 or 60Hz up to 680V
- BL Series for low and high temperature applications
- Special features available


A Uras Vibrator uses the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of unbalance weights attached on both ends of the shaft of an induction motor.

The resulting vibration is extremely harmful to the vibration motor.

Uras Vibrators have reduced this unwelcome vibration with advanced technology and are used around the world in large cities and in remote deserts alike, for everything from the handling of new materials to mining applications.

You can use our vibrators under a wide variety of weather conditions.