AC Hargreaves


AC Hargreaves' field/site capabilities and service are continuing to enjoy strong growth. Our staffing skills are being monitored closely as we strive to be service oriented leaders in our field.

Strong investments in the latest equipment and technology ensure we deliver to our customers the best service at the most economical rates. Please view our capabilities to see where we can best service your requirements.


Removal and Installation of motors, generators and transformers
Overhaul and Maintenance of DC, High & Low Voltage motors
Onsite balancing
Condition Monitoring & Vibration Analysis
HV testing of motor Insulation Resistance, Winding Resistance, Polarisation Index, Tan Delta & Partial Discharge
Laser Alignment on motors, gearboxes and pumps
Repairs and testing of transformers
Vacuum oil filtration and filling with portable oil filtration unit
Tap changing and auxiliary equipment maintenance
Preventative maintenance audits, brush wear monitoring & recording of DC motors

High Voltage

With a dedicated and knowledgeable onsite service team we are able to over haul, repair and test all High Voltage rotating machines. Whether we perform a major overhaul or a simple white metal bearing repair, a comprehensive report would be available on request.

Tests that AC Hargreaves carries out on site and in the workshop include:

- Partial Discharge testing 6600V & 11000V
- Tan Delta Testing 1100 to 7700 volts
- Polarisation Index DC 500V to DC 5000V
- DC Ionisation Testing 500V to 15000V
- Insulation Resistance
- Insulation Resistance between phases

Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis

Due to continued pressure on production costs, companies all over the world require the most efficient methods of achieving cost reductions. Our condition monitoring service is a very important system in the fight against ever-increasing production costs.

By monitoring the condition of critical motors and associated equipment, scheduled maintenance can be planned around production, compared to a costly breakdown adding unexpected costs.

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