AC Hargreaves


AC Hargreaves Low Voltage workshop caters for the service and repair of motors and associated equipment up to and including 1000v. This 2,000m² workshop is serviced by three 10 tonne overhead cranes & includes two balancing bays with 10 tonne weight capacity & 5m swing.

Our highly trained technicians have the skills to overhaul, rewind, & repair equipment such as intricate specialised motors from hospitals, through to 10 tonne alternators, DC motors, pumps, & gearboxes. Our large modern spray booth is able to cater for a large variety of paint specifications including epoxy coatings.

AC Hargreaves is an accredited AS3800 workshop so we are able to repair and recertify ny hazardous area equipment before it goes back into service. Feel free to contact the office with any queries that you might have in regards to any Low Voltage products.


Motor & generator rewinds up to 600 kW 1 kV
Rewinds of armatures, rotors, electric brakes, small transformers & coils
Fully equipped machine workshop offers immediate access to modifications & alterations of standard electric motors
Dynamic Balancing, Vibration Analysis & Condition Monitoring
New stock of motors up to 250 kW
WEG business partner
Access to WEG warehouse 24/7 for motors larger than 250 kW

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