AC Hargreaves

TT electric


LAK 4000 d.c. motors are fully laminated, 4 pole, square frame.
Output: 7-500 kW
Torque: 40-4500 Nm

Basic design characteristics:
- Fully laminated stator, main poles and interpoles.
- Compact square frame design.
- Easy installation of accessories.
- Large openings in end shields for easy inspection.
- Stator windings of varnish insulated copper wire.
- Laminated armature core of high grade insulated electroplate.
- Large number of cooling ducts in armature provide excellent cooling.
- Scrambled armature laminations for low torque ripples.
- Armature windings of varnished copper designed for low commutating stresses and high mechanical strength.
- Armature is impregnated to ensure high degree of heat transfer.
- Brush holders with spring loaded pressure fingers.
- Prepared for a number of options and accessories ensuring high flexibility.
- Painting with excellent corrosion resistant properties.
- Conforms with IEC standards.