AC Hargreaves


The New Lenze Spring-Operated Brakes - Compact Modular BFK458 System

The Lenze quality standards for development, material, selection, production and assembly mean that the new spring-operated brakes fulfil the highest requirements. These electromagnetically released spring-operated brakes can be used in all cases where movable masses have to be braked in the shortest possible time or have to be held in a defined position.

The braking force is provided by compression springs. This means that the frictional brake torque is produced in the non-current state, i.e. also in the event of a supply failure. The brakes are released electromagnetically.

The new BFK458 range replaces the spring-operated brake types 14.448 / 14.449 and 14.450. The main components of the new modular system consist of the modules E (adjustable brake torque) and N (brake torque not adjustable). This system offers flexibility by combining the basic modules with further modular elements to cover the widest possible range of applications.

Efficient, complete range
- Nine sizes
- Standard voltages 24V, 96V, 103V, 170V, 180V, 190V, 205V.
- Graduated torques from 2-600 Nm.
- Short delivery times for the complete range because of optimized logistics.
- CSA-NRTL design as a standard (approval scheduled for 6/98), that means that the product complies with the applicable UL and CSA requirements.
- Modular design for almost all applications.
- Replacement product for the 14.448 and 14.450 series.
Torque transmission
- By friction in dry running.
Immediately ready to operate
- Preset air gap, simple and fast mounting.
- The rated torques are achieved by a special machining of the friction faces already after a few operations without running-in procedure.
- Fixed bearing not required at the brake side.
Long Life
- The insulation class F (155 degrees C) ensures a long life of the winding.
- The brakes are dimensioned for 100% duty time (current applied to the brake).
Low Maintenance
- Long, low-wear rotor/hub connection with proven evolvent toothing.
- Low-wear, asbestos-free friction linings.
- Air gap must be checked depending on the friction work.
- The continually high product quality is based on the certified quality assurance system according to ISO9001.
- Manufacturing and testing according to VDE 0580.
- Hand release for the manual release is available for all sizes; direction of release and mounting at both sides. (Exception: tacho brake).
- Low-noise designs.
- Different types of corrosion protection and the enclosure.
- Air gap and wear monitoring by microswitch (as from size 12).


Motor Start and Run Capacitors
Motor Run
- 1mf
- 100mf
- 440v
- Stud mounting
- Available with leads

DOL Starters

Enclosed Direct-on-Line Starter

- Three-phase D.O.L Starter
- Assembled with thermal overload relay
- Short circuit protection has to be ensured by a separate short circuit protection facility
- IP65

Mechanical Seals

AC Hargreaves have been supplying, modifying and refurbishing mechanical pump seals for over 30 years. We stock a large range at all times. Our seals are accompanied by our high levels of service.

Modifications including hard faces such as silicone and tungsten for dirty water application to stainless steel for the food industry are a sample of the mechanical seal services we have to offer.

Slide Rails

Quality cast iron slide rails are very useful for mounting motors in situations where the ease of adjustments are required, eg, for the tensioning of driving 'V' belts.

Slide Rails are available in most metric frame sizes.

Soft Starters

WEG Soft Starters


The SSW-07, with DSP (Digital Signal Processor) control was designed for high performance motor soft start and protection with an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Easy to set up, it simplifies start-up activities and daily operation. The SSW-07 is compact, optimizing space in electric panels. Incorporating electric motor protection. It adapts to customer needs through its easy-to-install optional accessories. A keypad, communication interface or a motor PTC input can be added.


- Fans / Exhaust fans
- Centrifugal Pumps
- Dosing / Process Pumps
- Stirrers / Mixers
- Compressors
- Soap Extruders

- Extruders
- Injectors / Blowers
- Mixers
- Rollers / Pullers
- Granulators

- Fans / Exhaust fans
- Driers / Continuous Ovens
- Balls / Hammer Mills
- Roller Tables
- Conveyors

- Fans / Exhaust fans
- Process Pumps
- Conveyors

- Dosing/Process Pumps
- Pumps
- Sifters / Vibrating Tables
- Dynamic Separators
- Dosers

- Fans / Exhaust fans
- Conveyors
- Drills / Grinders
- Wire Drawing
- Pumps

- Dosing Pumps
- Process Pumps
- Fans / Exhaust fans
- Stirrers / Mixers
- Rotating Filters
- Rotating Ovens
- Wood Chip
- Conveyors
- Roller Table
- Coaters
- Paper Refineries

- Centrifugal Pumps
- Suppression Systems

- Polishing Machines
- Cutters
- Wood Chippers
- Saws and Plains

- Conveyors / Belts / Chains
- Roller Tables
- Monorails
- Escalators
- Baggage Conveyors (Airports)

- Process Pumps
- Fans / Exhaust fans
- Air Conditioning Systems
- Screw/Piston Compressors

- Stirrers / Mixers
- Driers / Washing Machines

- Dosing/Process Pumps
- Fan / Exhaust fans
- Stirrers / Mixers
- Driers / Continuous Ovens
- Pelletizers
- Conveyors / Monorails

- Stirrers / Mixers
- Roller Tables
- Conveyors
- Bottling Lines


Medium Voltage Soft-Starter

The SSW7000 uses state-of-the-art technology to provide start / stop control and protection for three-phase medium voltage induction motors. Developed to ensure excellent performance, it prevents mechanical shocks from the load, protects the motor against related burnouts or current surges in the power supply and thus, offers a complete solution for various applications.


LongLife DC Tacho Generator
- Output : 60V / 1000 revs
- B10 with Euro Flange, 11mm shaft.
- Part No: TDP02LT-4
- Type/Make: Baumer Hubner TDP 0,2 LT-4-B10 11mm Shaft, Flange, 11070721

Transmission Equipment

Pulleys - Aluminium 1A and 1B Section
- Available in 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 1" Bore
- Available in 1 1/2" to 18" Diameter
Pulleys - Taper Lock Cast Iron

Provides the quickest and most effective way of fitting pulleys and sprockets on to shafts.

Available in A,B,C Section
Available in Metric and Imperial Bushes
Couplings - Flexible and Rigid
- Swap Wrap Couplings
- Jawflex Couplings
- Tyre Flex Couplings
- Cone Flex Couplings
- Disc-O-Flex Couplings
- Gear Couplings
- Cone Ring Couplings
- Chain Couplings
- Grid Couplings
- Fluid Couplings
- Elastic Couplings