AC Hargreaves


AC Hargreaves' purpose built large motor workshop was established in response to the industries need for specialised motor services.
AC Hargreaves' modern workshop offers large motor, high voltage motor rewinds, overhauls, high voltage testing, condition monitoring and balancing.
The large motor workshop is equipped with 32 tonne, 20tonne, 10tonne, 6.3tonne high lift overhead cranes.
Dry out oven, burn out oven and fully equipped testing facility ensure quality and reliability of all work undertaken.
AC Hargreaves have a team of industry specialists with exclusive electric motor backgrounds committed to the industry and devoted to provide the highest level of work quality.
Quality Accredited to ISO 9001, AC Hargreaves is committed to ensure all work is carried out and finalised to the highest standard.


Rewinds up to 30 MW & 13.8 kV of motor stators, generator stators & rotors
Comprehensive report available on all High Voltage work carried out
White metal bearing repairs on site and in house
Testing facilities include Winding & Insulation Resistance, Polarisation Index, Surge, Tan Delta, Partial Discharge & Dan Bridge DC Over Voltage testing
In-house balancing of rotors and armatures up to 10 tonne ISO G1 & ISO G2.5
Core loss testing of stator rewinds
AS/NZS ISO 9001- 2008 accredited
AS/NZS ISO 3800:2005 authorised & accredited to repair, rewind, overhaul & recertify all hazardous motors

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