AC Hargreaves

Geared Motors

180V DC Permanent Magnet Motor / Gearbox.
Controllers also available.

Right Angle Drive DC Gearmotors

Permanent Magnet Motor
Continuous Duty
Hardened Steel Worm - Replaceable
Precision Hobbed Bronze Gear, Replaceable
Synthetic Oil Filled Gearbox (Oil MOBILITH SHC634) lubricated for life
Internal Expansion Bladder on Type BA, CB and JK gearboxes to accommodate pressure build-up
Suitable for Horizontal or Vertical Mounting
Baked Enamel Finish

Inline DC Gearmotors

Permanent Magnet Motor
Continuous Duty
Hardened Steel Helical Gears, Replaceable
Diecast Alloy Housing & Flange Mount Face
Suit Horizontal or Vertical Mounting
Optional foot mounting or L-brackets available
Synthetic Oil Filled Gearbox (Oil MOBILITH SHC007)

SPG DC Precision Geared Motors

Permanent Magnet Motor
Inline Gearbox
Available in 12, 24 or 90V DC
Available in 6 - 150 W

Compact AC Inline Geared Motors

6W to 200W
Inline Gearbox
Wide range of AC Voltages in both single phase and three phase
Available with standard shafts or gear cut shaft to allow attachment to large range of gear-heads


Right Angle Worm Gearboxes
Excellent mechanical strength while being lightweight.
Patented universal gear case with modern design
Excellent power to wight ratio
Available in 11 sizes
Power Rating from 0.06 - 15kw
Hollow or solid output shaft
Universal mounting
Flange mounting optional

Inline Helical Gearboxes

Power from 0.09kw to 45kw
Output torque from 35 N.m to 5500 N.m
Reduction ratios up to 50:1 for the versions with two stages