AC Hargreaves



Your Electric Motor & Transformer Specialists

We are a Brisbane based, family owned company that has been specializing in the electric motor repair industry for 60 years.

We have decades of experience offering quality products and services like rewinding & repairing AC/DC motors, alternators, transformers, brake coils, pumps and more.

We’ve also been rapidly expanding and diversifying into the fields of laser shaft alignment, condition monitoring, onsite balancing and other exciting new areas.

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  • We've been established for over 60 years and have
    over 60 employees?
  • Our transformer division is the largest repair facility in QLD?
  • We have 32 tonne overhead crane capacity?
  • We have 10 tonne dynamic balancing capacity?
  • We have a 300 tonne horizontal press?
  • We have AS9001 Quality Assurance & AS3800 Hazardous Area accreditation?


Here at AC Hargreaves, we are dedicated to providing quality assured products and services to both the commercial and industrial sectors.

Our dedicated staff, extensive product knowledge and efficient service backed by our innovative management team ensure customer satisfaction in every area.


In addition to our personal dedication to quality products and services, AC Hargreaves has an extensive set of professional accreditations that guarantees the highest quality of work available. Our professional accredetations include:

- AS/NZS ISO 9001- 2008 accredited Quality Assurance

- AS/NZS ISO 3800:2012 authorised & accredited to repair, rewind, overhaul & recertify hazardous motors & pumps


Here at AC Hargreaves, we're proud of our story - from humble beginnings we have grown into one of Australia’s leading electric motor & transformer repair companies.
Here’s a look at our story so far:


1953 - 1985
  • 1953

    Original business founded under a house at Toowong by Alexander Cliff Hargreaves.

  • 1960

    First building purchased at Indooroopilly, Brisbane.

  • 1975

    Outgrew the Indooroopilly premises & moved to Seventeen Mile Rocks, Brisbane.

1986 - 2007
  • 1986

    Paul & Barbara Mylonas purchase the business with a staff of 4.

  • 1993

    First Sales Representative starts promoting AC Hargreaves to a wider customer base.

  • 1995

    AC Hargreaves enters the modern age with the installation of its first computers.

  • 1995

    AC Hargreaves grows to 10 full-time staff.

  • 2004

    After years of steady expansion, a building with larger capacity was purchased and upgraded. A large VPI tank is also installed.

  • 2005

    AC Hargreaves becomes a quality assured company. A new crane with 10 tonne capacity is also installed into the new building.

  • 2006

    A loading bay is constructed with 10 & 20 tonne cranes.

  • 2007

    AC Hargreaves crosses oceans with its first overseas job.

2008 - NOW
  • 2008

    After years of steady growth and expansion, a building with larger capacity was purchased and upgraded. AC Hargreaves is also granted hazardous area accreditation.

  • 2009

    Balancing capacity upgraded to 10 tonnes.

  • 2010

    After starting to work with larger motors and services, it became evident that further expansion was required, so a large 2500 square metre building was purchased adjacent to the existing buildings.

  • 2011

    AC Hargreaves now services locations nationwide as well as in the pacific islands. It has 5 sales representatives promoting the company both nationally & internationally.
    Original workshop rebuilt to a 14m high purpose built building with a 32 tonne crane for repairs & refurbishments of transformers.

  • 2013

    Large investment into specialist transformer equipment including testing facilities & oil filtration site equipment, yielding rapid growth.

  • 2014

    AC Hargreaves has acquired additional buildings in close proximity with the intention of further expanding our transformer division.